WongFu to Produce MV for Wang Leehom

This is huge news for the trio of videographers known as WongFu! They have just announced that they will be heading off to Taiwan to direct an MV for the huge T-Pop star, Wang Leehom. Leehom is something of a household name in Taiwan, active in music since 1995, releasing over a dozen album with sales totaling in the multi-millions. This is a great look for WongFu and an affirming next step in their careers. Congrats!

Check their post about it at their site or after the break.

We’ve been waiting awhile to make this big announcement… Next week we will be traveling to Taiwan to direct a new music video for international pop star Wang Leehom! This is one of the biggest opportunities to come our way recently and we’re so honored, nervous, and excited.

For those of you who do not know who Leehom is, it’s ok, we forgive you, haha. He’s by far one of all of Asia’s top stars. He’s a multiplatinum singer who’s been selling out arenas for over a decade, an actor, and a director among his list of accomplishments. What’s cool is that he was born in the USA, so he speaks perfect English too. He’s like a Justin Timberlake, except JT has only 2 solo albums and Leehom has had 14, haha.

So how did we land this job with such a huge star? It was a random night in June when we opened our email and saw an email from him and his manager saying they’ve seen our stuff on YouTube. We were so shocked, speechless, weren’t sure if it was real. A few emails later and we were talking about doing an mv together. And now, with things really finalized and confirmed we’re proud to say that we’re being flown out to Taipei next week!

We’re extremely grateful for this opportunity, especially since we’ve been fans of him for so many years (I remember hearing my first Leehom song in 2002!!) and just hope we can deliver. It’s our first time working with such a big celebrity, and in a brand new environment, totally out of our element, but we’re looking forward to the challenge. We’ll be sure to keep you updated, because it is your support that has helped get us to this poing. Thank YOU! But for now… virtual high five, wish us luck!

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