Lil Crazed Drops the “When I’m Gone” (Remix) MV & ‘Chapter 3: Liberation’ Mixtape

The Midwest’s Crazed got his start with music after writing his first poem in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. A decade later he’s chosen to commemorate the 10 years in music by releasing his 3rd mixtape in the series, dubbed as Chapter 3: Liberation. In conjunction, Lil Crazed has posted up the music video for the song “When I’m Gone” (remix), an introspective piece about his life and career thus far. You can DL the mixtape for free here or here.

On 9/11/2001, I wrote my first poem for all those affected by the horrible tragedy. That poem was the first time I received national attention for my words. Thus sparking the fire for me to continue writing and ultimately red to cross into music. 10 years later after the endless doubts mixed with my hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, I proudly present my liberation.

i’ve worked hard for everything i’ve earned
and through it all, you live life and learn,
that money comes then the money goes and,
the wheels just gon’ keep on rolling
so i’ma keep spending whatever i get,
because, when i’m gone can’t take any of it
so i’ma keep spending whatever i get,
because, when i’m gone can’t take any of it

~Okay okay now that’s my cue to go,
Leave the cubical and make the paper from the studio,
I want you to know that this isnt a movie role,
But I live for this, its like my life adjusted to a musical,
They say its hard to make the fame last, dame dash,
But if you get my 2cents, I don’t need no change back,
And no matter how u judge me, ima put my team in the court,
Sport championship rings of course,
Endorsed by the support of our fans helps force every hater to listen to every statement I’m sure,
So no remorse about the course that I’m taking,
Cuz now even gravity has to battle me elevating,
Its a celebration, cuz the money’s coming
so tell the waitress, just keep the bottles coming,
sleep’s for the weak, ill sleep when I’m deceased,
As for now, shiiiit ima feast however I please

~now it’s like we’re always center of attention,
VIP for my team is general admission,
and the ladies always step into our vision,
it’s like math class, we’re connecting all our digits,
uh, amazing how quick things can change,
i remember when i was rocking them ripped jeans and fades,
16 the age, wished for quick green and fame,
made a name for myself and now all this shit seems so Crazed,
ha, it’s a wonderful feeling,
a lil in the bank but it feels like hundreds of millions,
cuz the love i’m getting coast to coast,
so i’ma keep sipping till the club gets close to closed,
cuz i’ma spend it all as it gets bigger,
if i’m hungry, why wait, learned that from Snickers,
and make sure that my team eats also,
if one can’t make it to the table, repeat tomorrow

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