Pre-Order Opens for Lil Crazed’s ‘Liberation: The Lost Tracks’

It appears that Lil Crazed is preparing to drop a collection of songs on a project called Liberation: The Lost Tracks. This is likely a spin-off of his most recent mixtape, Chapter 3: Liberation. There look to be a number of familiar songs on here including First Aid with Tommy C, Superdope, Fading Away with Meesh and more. The project is expected to drop October 25th.

Pre-Order: iTunes

Just My Type (feat. Erika David)
Direction (feat. DJ Sin)
First Aid (feat. Tommy C)
At All
Hands Up (feat. Ben Jamz)
Put It On Ya
Get A Lil Crazed
Remember Me
Fading Away (feat. Michelle Martinez) [Acoustic]
Uh Oh
Lost A Fan
I Made It (feat. Ryan Leonard)

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