AM Kidd Releases ‘Eleven’

November 11th, 2011 is the date and that means AM Kidd has released his latest album, Eleven. How many tracks? Eleven, and they include some songs we’ve heard before like “Baddest Love”, “Better Than You”, and “November”. If you’re a fan of AM Kidd’s honest lyricism and penchant for melodic beats, then take a listen – it’s available via iTunes now. You can hear the main single below.

Purchase: iTunes, Amazon

1 Today
Better Than You
3 For The Last Time
4 See You Soon
5 Parachutes (feat. Jeff Lum)
6 Deserve The Realest
Baddest Love
8 Acappella (feat. Viddy V)
9 Free The Past (feat. Jeff Lum, Etc & Jbizz)
10 What A Year
11 November

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