Priscilla Ahn & Rachael Yamagata Feature on Ashtar Command’s ‘American Sunshine’ Album

Priscilla Ahn & Rachael Yamagata

If you’re an indie music fan, you may be familiar with a band called Ashtar Command. Well, fairly recently, they dropped a new album entitled American Sunshine and if you peruse the tracklist you’ll notice that two of our favorite artists make numerous guest appearances on the project – Priscilla Ahn & Rachael Yamagata. If you’re on Spotify (and honestly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be) then you can check out the album in full. For those that want to snap them up for their music player of choice, you can find the links to the aforementioned tracks after the break.

“The Breakup Song” ft Priscilla Ahn: Amazon, iTunes, Spotify

“Rosa” ft Priscilla Ahn: Amazon, iTunes, Spotify

“Blister of the Spotlight” ft Rachael Yamagata: Amazon, iTunes, Spotify

“All the Stars in Heaven” ft Priscilla Ahn: iTunes

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