Magnetic North x Taiyo Na to Drop MV for “Home:Word” ft Sam Kang & Directed by Wong Fu

It’s been years since Wong Fu first started to produce official music videos for artists, but things seem to be coming back around full circle as they are linking up with Magnetic North once again for the “Home:Word” visual with Taiyo Na & Sam Kang. Mag North & Wong Fu previously linked up for “Drift Away” about half a decade ago, and both teams have only grown in their respective crafts so I can’t wait to see the final cut of the visual to the title track from last year’s album. Look for the video to drop December 7th

It’s the holiday season, and what better time to be reminded of what’s most important in our lives. Not our job, our finals, or material things…but family, home, peace.

We’re proud to be releasing our latest music video on December 7th. “Home: Word” by Magnetic North and Taiyo Na ft. Sam Kang. We shot it at the beginning of this month in New York City (or first time shooting there), and you may already know our history with Magnetic North, so this is a very special project to us. Not our typical boy/girl stories, but still just as meaningful and often unsaid.

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