The Acoustic Version of “Go” by Aziatix is Now Available

Yesterday brought us the music video and now you can add the song to your playlist as “Go (Acoustic)” is now available for purchase as a digital single. This version of the song was released to commemorate their rapid rise in success over the past year. If you were a fan of this acoustic R&B rendition of their hit debut single then head on over to iTunes; sorry AmazonMP3 fans – we were left neglected this time.

Purchase: iTunes

This year has been an amazing journey and we end it off by commemorating the first track we were introduced with, “Go.” We were brought together by our big bro Jae Chong, and didn’t even have a clue of the potential behind this track. It’s surreal to see the kind of response it got!

We sincerely appreciate the passion and support you’ve been showing us this year and can’t say “thank you” enough. So hopefully this special acoustic track will get that message across and you’ll continue to stick with us through our rise. You’ve truly made us feel like superstars!

It hasn’t even been a year yet, and there’s still so much ahead!
This is just the beginning – Let’s GOOO!

So here it is – “Go (Acoustic)”

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