AMP x Mickey Cho Release “Blessed”

It may be early Saturday morning but this ain’t too bad of a way to start off your day. AMP & Mickey Cho have teamed up again on this new track entitled “Blessed” – appropriate for this season of Thanksgiving. The four artists all trade raps over a bossa nova infused track for a somewhat refreshing sound – they even mix in a little Spanish here and there. You can DL the faith inspired song by Sam Ock, CL (aka Chung), J. Han & Mickey for free here.

me gusta las noches debajo de la luna
i wish that i took this line of thinking sooner
why did i have to make it so difícil
thinking “simplicity” is how i keep it real
if i’m wrong, then i wrong…i’m right, then i’m right
it’s when i try the middle ground, it ends up in a fight
when my thoughts complicate, then i really dread the night
in my bed then i’ll tell myself it’s gonna be all right
un mentira, a lie that it’s fine to compromise
escondiendo la verdad detrás de frowning eyes
if just open up and i let my pride die
then i know that this harmony will be with you and i
no it’s not sissy or trying to be sensitive
it’s willing to repent and amend all the broken bits
and i know that when my heart is under test
the key to the solution is in knowing that i’m blessed

Blessed, for my heart is found in thankfulness, givin’ me new mercies
Blessed, oh yes i have the way for my heart is found in thankfulness
givin’ me new mercies

Apathy spawned from a fallacy of Calvary
But the apogee of agony (cross) restored this tragedy
Depravity decaying the inner cavity
But saved from this malady by crowns from the Majesty

Once separated, now a team like beef and brocolli
Taste and see, experiencing God like Henry Blackaby
Called to imitate, the Spirit’s leading the prodigies
Children of Elohim resembling His qualities

Consecrated, designated, rendered sacred
Taken by the Maker for the sake of heavy weighted
Glorification, exalting His name and
Putting on display the greatness of His reigning

Yea it’s crazy, how He uses layman
Weak to shame the strong to show His strength through them, Amen?!
In comparison blessings fall short to having You
Being known by God carries more blesses than A-Chu

Donde esta la biblioteca?
(ay) shout out to Community, hope there’s another season!
Who would have thought this little asian could rap.
Zero street credit; isn’t he only just good at math?
Man, he got an opportunity to share his life and foolery;
to show that God is amazing cause this is just a tool for me.
The bread of life, I tell people that it’s food for me.
But often I refuse cause I am full from gluttony.

I lose my focus, think that I am hopeless;
Keep forgetting who I am, believing that I’m homeless.
I don’t seem to remember that I am able
to dance in the courts of the Lord and dine at His table.
(YUP!) He has called me to be part of the squad;
though before I knew Him, was a rotten plant in the sod.
But he went and uprooted my foolish and filthy heart
then planted a new one. Something that he planned from the start

i used to bend over backwards to prove to God that I loved Him
trying to earn His favor instead ministering from it
striving in the flesh like trying to climb up a summit
but quickly losing my step, and dropping down to a plummet
instead of letting him love me, i tried to love him with actions
…so religious in my devotion and passion
and happened to be irrational thinking of who he actually is
instead of letting him lavish me with compassion
i tried to earn it, earnestly seeking favor
not realizing I had it, how foolish was my behavior
like anikan into vader, lover now to a hater
when God, gave it all, like baskin’s 31 flavors
that’s the reason I’m constantly giving thanks
everything i ever needed or wanted’s in your embrace
I’m lacking of nothing and on that topic i’ll say
i’m so thankful for these brothers with whom I’m running this race!

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