The Nehemiah Band Performs “1 Thru 7”

This is gonna be one of those clips you think is annoyingly silly or epic and hilarious. Two members of the Nehemiah Band perform their song “1 Thru 7” off their Break of Dawn album from a couple years back. It’s a self-described “song about freedom”, and well… I’m gonna have to let you see/hear this rendition for yourself. It’s definitely… unique!

could somebody please turn on these lights
to all my people and all my brethren
stop beating yourself and enjoy your life
its time to come to life

[bird call and tears]

(the sound of raiden from mortal kombat when he outstretches his arms and flies towards his opponent)
you’ve been redeemed you’ve been forgiven
so get back on your feet lets fight this fight
come on come on come on

[bird call and tears]

i’d forgotten who i really was
overlooking your abounding love
i was captive to my self-righteousness outside of you
so when you embraced while i was sinking
you made me new

[bird call and tears]

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