Mondega Presents “California”

Bom Siu aka Mondega comes out of the woodwork to share a new track called “California”. It’s a heartfelt joint that I found to be a good song to sit, listen and just vibe too on this late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. It’s a recommended play and lucky for us, we can DL the track for free here. If you’re interested in following along with the single extended verse you can do so with the lyrics after the break.

i’ve been flowing since thirteen fifteen was a gang
beefing with trg, i still remember them days
i was young, i saw this girl take a bat to the face
me and g-rasic was rapping over some tracks we downloaded
never thought that i would make it this far, but i did
i used to dream about california, and here i am
i know it’s not much, but it means the world to me
but i feel like i missed the flight without this girl with me
i guess we all got our stories, mines never seem to publish
them girls and go, so i’m always holding dutches
i was told to respect every woman like my mother
but even so, our relationship is dysfunctional
cause family to me is like sonit and my brothers
i would spend it all, fuck the white man that’s on this money
it don’t mean shit when nothing with price is permanent
make the best of it, you only have one life to live
i’m flying back tomorrow, i wish that she would call me
but she probably got a different guy to love her like i wanna
i guess she thought that i moved on because i got a name
but every night i leave the show, i always do the same thing
but today something changed,
i woke up in the morning with a female promoter
and almost missed my flight to california
i know it’s really unprofessional
but i’m still in love with you, that’s why i’m still here texting you
wow… big city of dreams
with angels all around me, but it ain’t what it seems
it’s all work and smoking weed, we barely get to hit the streets
they throw make up on my face, and tell me wait for my scene
i say i miss you… i wish you felt the same way
i wanna kiss you… but then it all seem fade,
i come home, and we agree to meet up once again
so here we are… brocalli, rice and chicken wings…
when the conversations dies and the tears fall
i look into your eyes and i see it all…
your roomate leaves cause she know the deal
you try to fight the feeling but it’s too real…
so here we are in bed again…
you tell me do it harder til your knees starts quivering
everything is good til’ reality starts setting in
we argue and the fight begins, i take my shit and leave again
i’m done with this bitch, call the other and disappear again
back to the club, fucking these hoes and associates
telling me they love me knowing love is something i’m against
i got my heart closed and ain’t nobody finna open it.

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