Clara C’s “Til We Go” Featured on MTV’s Chelsea Settles

Now before today I’ve never heard nor seen the MTV show Chelsea Settles. Even now, I still have no clue what it’s about. Chalk it up to inheriting my Chinese father’s frugal ways but I live a life sans cable TV. But I’m still quite happy to report that a couple nights ago, the show featured the song “Til We Go” by Clara Chung off her The Art in My Heart album from last year. Yep, this is the same song that was featured in a European telcom ad not too long ago! Slowly but surely, you won’t be able to escape Clara’s music – and we’re more than OK with that.

Clara C – Til We Go

(scene: Chelsea and her friends pack up the car and leave Las Vegas anxious to get back to LA while Chelsea reflects on her time spent there)

Source: MTV

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