Magnetic North x Taiyo Na x Wong Fu Release the “Home:Word” MV

If you’ve been awaiting the long overdue reunion of Magnetic North & Wong Fu Productions, then you should be elated to hear that they have returned with a new music video for Mag North’s collaborative single with Taiyo Na, “Home:Word”, their title track from their album also featuring  Sam Kang. The song has a great message that hits home, and I’m sure a lot of you readers will be albe to relate too. Be sure to check out the commentary and behind the scenes information over at Wong Fu’s site too. Call me a sap but this is easily one of my favorite MVs of the year.

Like the mother and daughter, we all have those moments where we neglect our parents, too busy living our own life, we often forget that on the other side our parents are working hard and have struggled to give us as good a life as they can.
Like the son, pressures from school can be the biggest struggle for young people. While it’s important, sometimes stepping away to find that true peace keeps us going. Whether it’s in art and photography, making videos, singing, dancing, or even video games with friends.
Like the father, jobs and financial worries can bring us down. Especially in these tough times, when so much is uncertain, the greatest gift we have is knowing that there is one constant, family.

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