Big Phony Pens the Theme Song for the Korean Film “My Way”, Sung by Andrea Bocelli

Bobby Choy, better known to most as Big Phony, has revealed via Facebook that the theme (“To Find My Way”), to an upcoming Korean film, My Way, was written by the South Korean transplant by way of LA. The song was recorded by the much admired classical vocalist, Andrea Bocelli. He’s been keeping this under wraps for a while now but we’re glad to hear about this awesome opportunity for Choy. The film debuts in South Korea this month!

I guess the word is out. Been holding this in for some time now.

I wrote the lyrics to an Andrea Bocelli song called “To Find My Way”. It’s the theme song to the Korean movie “MY WAY” which releases in a couple of weeks. I believe it will also be available on his new album releasing next week.

So grateful for the opportunity, so humbled. Hearing Andrea Bocelli sing words I wrote for him was one of those moments in my life where I truly felt speechless and honored. I feel incredibly blessed.

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