Latyrx (Lyrics Born x Lateef) Release the Latryical Madness Volume One Mixtape

Lyrics Born & Lateef the Truthspeaker have teamed up as Latyrx to bring you the Latryical Madness Volume One mixtape. It’s a heavyweight listen with a hopping 23 tracks including a number of guest artists such as Joyo Velarde, The Gift of Gab, Fatboy Slim and many more. If you want to check out the album from the bay area artists, you’ll need to puchase it from LB’s site, the only distributor of the release save for physical copies at his live shows.

Previously available only at live shows, but now available to purchase online, it’s the first ever mixtape from Latyrx (Lyrics Born & Lateef the Truthspeaker); Latyrical Madness Volume One. Mixed by DJ Zeph (Skins & Needles, Oakland Faders), Latyrical Madness is just that — a collection of classics, exclusives, remixes, guest appearances and more.

Available online exclusively at the Lyrics Born Downloads Store, this is a must-have item for any fan!

Featuring a plethora of artists including The Gift of Gab, Headnodic, Fatboy Slim, Z-Trip, Kat O1O, Joyo Velarde and more, Latyrical Madness boasts 23 tracks ranging from early Latyrx classics such as “Lady Don’t Tek No”, “Storm Warning” and “Bumpin Contraption”, all the way up to the present with guest appearances and exclusives including “Movin On Up”, “Rushin Attack” & “Hardship Enterprise”.

Get your digital copy online today ONLY at the Lyrics Born Downloads Store.


1 -Latyrx
2- Hittin’ & Missin’
3- Say That Remix (EXCLUSIVE)
4- The Last Trumpet (Halou Remix)
5- Don’t Stop
6- The Bumpin’ Contraption
7 – Top Shelf (interlude)
8 – Ladies’ Interlude
9 – Lady Don’t Tek No
10 – Rushin’ Attack (EXCLUSIVE)
11 – The Get Down Remix (w/Azeem)
12 – Don’t Change (Zeph Blend)
13 – We Live By The Beat
14 – Hardship Enterprise
15 – Wonderful Night (Zeph Blend)
16 – Pushed Aside/Pulled Apart (Zeph Blend)
17 – Ill Vacation (w/Gift of Gab)
18 – Make It Happen (EXCLUSIVE)
19 – Cloud 9 (interlude)
20 – The Quickening
21 – Movin’ On Up
22 – 8 Pt Agenda
23 – Storm Warning

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