The Holiday Covers Round-Up Part 4

Tonight, we bring you another batch of Christmas covers, and this one is mostly filled with Christmas standards with one notable 90’s pop exception. The production ranges wildly from your standard guitar & webcam set-up to incorporating an entire orchestra – so be sure to check out all the videos because they all offer a slightly different flavor of Holiday peppermint.

David Choi x Inch Chua x George Shaw & the IYCA Cover “The Christmas Song”

Crissie Covers “White Christmas”

Jason Chen x Joseph Vincent Cover “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” by N Sync

Kristine Sa Performs “Blue Christmas” by Elvis Presley

Jae Jin x Kevin Oh Cover ” Winter Wonderland”

Erin Kim Covers “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

Chris Cendana Covers “The Christmas Song”

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