IAMMEDIC Shares “Wishin You Were Mine”

If you’ve been eagerly awaiting new music from electro-pop outlet, IAMMEDIC, then you’re in luck. “Wishin You Were Mine” is now available for stream, and if they get enough likes on Facebook, it’ll soon be available as a free DL too. This is probably the closest thing I’ve heard to “mid-tempo” from the group, and it strikes a pretty decent balance. Based on the cover art, I imagine this will also be a part of their upcoming Monster Monster project that we’ve been hearing about.


If I could only take a photograph…standing with you
i’m holding your hand…
Id tell you that I’ve always been your man
and you’ve been my girl
lets take on this world
just you and me…

If I could only hold you
touch you
tell you that I love
keep you in my arms tonight

If i could only take you
kiss you
everytime I see you
tell you that you’ll always be mine

Cuz baby you….
got me losing control
it’s my heart that you stole
I can’t think anymore…
I, i’m losing my mind
spending all of my time
wishin’ you were mine

im in the clouds and I can’t come down
you can bathe me in your magic and I promise i’ll drown
take this knife and carve me out
the pieces are found
take this life and I won’t think twice
our moment is now…

Wishin you were mine….
right beside you…
just to hold you…
let me show you…
how I love you…
if you let me…
how i could be…
the one that makes you mine, mine

when the rain falls….
with a phone call…
with your heartbeat…
beating for me…
if you let me…
how i could be…
the one that makes you mine, mine

With every single heartbeat
I wish that you were with me
sleeping right beside me
I think i’m going crazy
listen to my heart sing
If only you were mine tonight, tonight….

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