The Freshmen: Boombox Saints – “Late Night Creep”

Perhaps this would be an opportune time for our first Freshmen feature of 2012. This is where we spotlight artists who haven’t quite developed a following yet, and are still working on establishing themselves. Remember it’s important that you, the readers, vote either thumbs up or thumbs down on these posts because this will help us decide which of these […]

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Just ‘Cause: Kids React to K-Pop

I caught this over at Angry Asian Man, and I have to say it’s kind of hilarious. Some of the comments are a big ignorant but some of the kids are actually deceptively insightful. As K-Pop continues to make inroads into the US market and gain international fanfare, it’ll be interesting to see how they […]

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Goh Nakamura Releases “Walk”

Here is the first single from Goh Nakamura for 2012, a calm, almost ethereal song called “Walk”. In case you were oh so curious as to the inspiration for the title, the track was reportedly written while on a walk in November 2011. Mystery solved. Take a listen below, and if you’d like to support […]

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