Two Cents: GT’s Top 10 Performance Clips from 2011

OK. One week down in 2012, and 51 one left to go! We’re continuing our 2011 countdown series with a recap of my top 10 favorite performance clips from last year. The criteria for this list came down to a mixture factors, including the actual performance, the crowd response, production values, and sheer overall entertainment. The only other restriction was that the clip had to be released in the calendar year of 2011, even if the performance is from earlier. Lastly, click through till the end for a bonus pick that didn’t quite fit in my top 10 but shouldn’t be ignored.

Now, starting with my number 10 pick, we have…

10. April Chase – “All You Need to Say” (article)

Ever since first discovering April Chase a couple years ago, they quickly became one of my favorite Pop/Rock bands. The group encompasses radio friendly hooks with a great rock foundation, wrapped up with Carina Valdes’ sweet but gutsy vocals. The only thing the above clip that is missing, was an audience to appreciate the unplugged rendition of “All You Need to Say” from their EP, Still Breathing. It’s always a blessing when a rock group still sounds just as fun and engaging without the benefit of studio polish.

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