Just ‘Cause: The Jubilee Project Presents “Be the Change”

The great folks at the Jubilee Project always tends to put together great videos, focusing on amazing themes and causes. Their latest project puts some of our favorite artists and Youtube stars on the spot, asking them what is important to them and what they would like to see change and happen in this world. There is a ton of talent in this clip, and it encourages you to join the conversation – perhaps in the hope that once we talk about it, we just might be able to take the next step and do something about it.

For the new year, The Jubilee Project took some time to interview some YT friends about the changes that they would like to see in the world. We really believe that life is a gift and ordinary people can do extraordinary things. We hope that this video encourages you to live life to the fullest this year and be the change you want to see in the world.

Twitter us @jubileeproject with your responses #BetheChange – What is one thing you’d like to see changed in the world? What is one organization/cause you feel strongly about? What would you do if you had one last day to live?

Special thanks to BU CSA Takeout and all of the YT stars that took part in this video.

Clara C (http://www.youtube.com/ClaraCMusic)
David Choi (http://www.youtube.com/davidchoimusic)
Afterschoolspecial (http://www.youtube.com/afterschoolspecialsd)
Arden Cho (http://www.youtube.com/ardenBcho)
Ryan Higa (http://www.youtube.com/nigahiga)
Jayesslee (http://www.youtube.com/jayesslee)
Wong Fu Productions (http://www.youtube.com/WongFuProductions)
Joseph Vincent (http://www.youtube.com/hoorahjencar)
New Heights (http://www.youtube.com/newheightsmusic)
Cathy Nguyen (http://www.youtube.com/lilcdawg)
Jennifer Chung (http://www.youtube.com/JenniferJChung)
Jason Chen (http://www.youtube.com/miniachilles)
Jason Yang (http://www.youtube.com/JasonYangViolin)
Megan Lee (http://www.youtube.com/cutiepiemeg918)
Sam Juhn (http://www.youtube.com/mrshakalohana)

Why? Just ‘Cause.

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