Passport: Aziatix Releases the Nocturnal Deluxe Edition in Japan

In 2012 it seems that Aziatix has set their sights on Japan with the release of a Deluxe Edition of their album Nocturnal. The repackaged album pretty much contains a compilation of all their work thus far since their debut last year. This includes the singles “Go”, “Nothing Compares to You”, “Be With You”, “Cold”, “Slippin’ Away”, “A Game”, and more. You get 17 tracks in all and if you’re in the land of the rising sun, you can pick a physical copy with a DVD as well. The digital version can be found on iTunes.

Purchase: iTunes (Japan)

  1. Intro
  2. Go
  3. Lights
  4. Nothing Compares to You
  5. Be With You
  6. Cold
  7. Superstar
  8. Slippin’ Away
  9. So Incredible (feat. Stevie Hoang)
  10. Whatchu Know About Us
  11. A Game
  12. Start It Again
  13. Another Day
  14. Say Yeah
  15. Be With You (Rock Mix)
  16. Go (Acoustic)
  17. Be With You (DJ Komori Remix) [Bonus Track]

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