Showdown: Jason Chen vs Rooftop Pursuit vs Meg & Dia vs Sam Tsui vs Cilla Chan vs Paul Kim vs New Heights

It’s been nearly a month since our last Showdown, and since everyone and their mother seems to have taken a liking to Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away”, we thought it’d be an opportune time to have our first match-up of the year. This one is a stacked battle card with seven contenders vying for your vote for best cover. There are several repeat Showdown artists here along with a few new faces voices. Production values are all over the place, ranging from laptop webcams to full out MVs… but what matters most is your vote for who you think had the best cover. Check em out below.

Jason Chen

Phil Good of Rooftop Pursuit

Meg & Dia

Sam Tsui

Cilla Chan

Paul Kim

New Heights

Now that you’ve heard and seen them all, who do you think deserves top honors? The ever-present Jason Chen? How about lead singer of Rooftop Pursuit, Phil Good? Perhaps the sisterly team of Meg & Dia Frampton won you over? Sam Tsui always seems to be a fan favorite. However, Cilla Chan continues to show a vocal prowess beyond her college age. Paul Kim always finds a way to inject some R&B flavor into any song. Or has New Heights forever earned your fanfare?


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