Jessica Sanchez Rumored to Be in Top 42 for American Idol Season 11

For the time being, this bit of information is purely from the rumor mill, but word has it that young Jessica Sanchez has auditioned for this season of American Idol and just may be in the top 42. If this is true, and if the format has not changed, that means she’s on the shortlist for what will ultimately be whittled down to the top 24 that will have a chance to perform on live TV. Here are a couple of different blogs that have her listed in the top 42: MJsBigBlog, TheIdolPad Personally, I can’t wait to see if it’s true – the kid has a lot of talent. True, the show may not have quite the same luster as it once did, but it’s still one of the biggest platforms for undiscovered talent to make a name for themselves.

Thanks to everyone that sent in the tips on this story!

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