Adam WarRock Releases “F*ck SOPA”

You may have noticed that for the majority of today, a-Tunes was unavailable and blacked out as part of the protest against SOPA/PIPA. Many of our artists have voiced their disapproval of the proposed legislation, including the always vocal Adam WarRock. He’s released a track to the tune of Mr. Lif’s “The Sun” called “F*ck SOPA”, so you can imagine where he lies on the matter.

Piracy ain’t right and it’s a problem. It hurts the artists we love and support, but SOPA/PIPA ain’t the way to solve it.

You wanna stop the internet, well you can’t
We are anonymous, legion, the right is separate from the left hand
But together we stand, on the shoulders of giants
So Fuck SOPA, my freedom of speech’s what you’re denying

As far as I can see, the copyright regime
It bred the acts of piracy that Congress tries to provide the relief from…
You turn the ISPs to mind police
As if my right to speech was less than companies to get their right to greed
Trying to keep us

From building on the only frontier still not affected
By corporate checks, from how creativity stepped in
So now a judge can make the call if you’re a felon
What the record and movie companies tell him (whatever)

With your vague legal language, that’s unconstitutional
False pretense of purpose, that’s barely any solution for
As if fake viagra was the price of our freedom
Thank god we have Big Brother as our leaders

Information wants to be free, FUCK SOPA
To make felons out you and me, FUCK SOPA
To strip away our freedom of speech, FUCK SOPA
C’mon and just say it with me, FUCK SOPA

verse 2:

What we have here, is a failure to communicate
The same Politicians who made their name
with viral videos that fill our screens up to election day
Now want to shut the gates down, that’s bullshit

So you can squeeze every penny out of a dying nation
So the markets of these movies and music can keep decaying
But at least no one is playing, or blogging about
The new hot shit, that no one’s talking about

The Arab Spring, to wikileaks
To Facebook, and mp3s
The internet’s the R&D for what’s further down the highway
But that’s cool, you want to choke it off and let it die
We’ll find a way around it, while you’re still checking myspace

So all take heed, and just let your voice be heard
They’re coming for the web, and we can’t simply just “be nerds”
Be activists, and stand shoulder to shoulder
Cuz we won the battle, but the war is far from over

And I will keep streaming content, keep making mixtapes
Keep posting videos, confident we’ll find a way
Cuz in my corner, I got hackers and geeks
And I will keep rapping over the beat: FUCK SOPA

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