Adam WarRock Releases a ‘Parks & Rec’ EP

No minutia of modern media is safe from the musical stylings of Adam WarRock, with his latest inspiration coming from his favorite TV show, Parks & Recreation. The result is the Parks + Rec EP, a collection of three tracks over some famous beats for all you fans that hold an appreciation for the humble town of Pawnee, Indiana. You can DL the EP here for free. Visit his site to stream the songs if you like to try before you byte.

I’m Adam WarRock. I make hip hop about nerdy things. I made a 3-song EP about Parks & Recreation, because it’s my favorite television show. I hope you enjoy it. Right-click and save as on the pics below to download the individual mp3, or click on the pic above to download the zip file of the whole EP. I got a new album coming out February 13, 2012! Check for it! –

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