Listen to “The Best” by Adam WarRock

Adam WarRock has jumped on a Mikla kHill instrumental that samples Joe Esposito’s “You’re the Best” for a track appropriately titled, “The Best”. It’s filled with the type of boastful braggadocio that is so prominent in the world of Hip-Hop, but with the expected WarRock twist. Like it? You can DL the song here for free. Read more about the song here.

Verse 1:

Ayo, it takes a lot of work to be the best at rapping
And I’m making moves to do that, But y’all already knew that
I’m Adam WarRock, and I’m really hoping I
Can rise above the haters, fighting back the cobra kai

Cuz they push me down in life, try to tell me the negative
And the fans is steady sleeping like they hooked on a sedative
I started underground, and then I fell through the floorboards
So I just worked harder, making music and toured more

And I ain’t content with being the best in my niche
B/c I feel like the music i make is bigger than this
Bigger than nerdcore or rap, bigger than internet gimmicks
Bigger than the buzzworthy thing this minute

I make music for the infinite
Wrapped within the packaging of geek and nerd elements,
So they used to laugh at it.
But now they looking every time I drop heat
And I’m rising to the top, can’t nobody stop me
I’m the best…

2nd verse:

Rapidly capping these raps off with a cherry on top
These waterboys, they couldn’t carry my jock
Cuz I turn thug to mr. mom, switched them all to piss them off
And now they screaming like girls whenever I hit the mall

But while these cats is steady resting on laurels
I’ll be working-up-on-my-flow, steady testing their morals
By investing their quarters like a game of galaga
I sacrificed half my life, double barreled coming back atcha

Is this a gun, or a mic in my face?
I smoked my last cigarette, the firing squad engaged
And the shells, they hit the ground, and the trumpet player would play
Brushed the dust off my face, and I quietly went on my way

Cuz all these Johnny’s wanna bully me, I’m down to fight back
You take my legs out from under me, I’m gonna be right back
And you’ll remember my name, b/c I came to take my place
When I engage in the crane stance, with a foot to your face
I’m the best

verse 3:

Wax on, wax a wax off

Wax on, wax a wax off

Wax on, wax a wax off

Do the Mr. Miyagi

I am the best of the best, I got that kung fu hustle,
Fists of fury, Unleashed, Always down for a tussle
Maybe a rumble in the bronx, the chamber of Shaolin
Cuz my tongue has got the five deadly venoms within

I killed bill, that was easy, his seven samurai
Was no match for I, now the legend precedes me
These rappers try to diss the things that I love
You know not to get between a lone wolf and his cub

This music biz is like a bride with white hair
Old style and so deadly, so you better beware
And I’m here to make the hits, kill it with a bomb track
Cuz I kick these elephants like my name was Ong Bak
I’m the best

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