New Erin Kim – “Pretending”

It’s been encouraging to see Erin Kim grow as a musician and song writer over the past couple years since winning the inaugural Kollaboration Seattle event. Her latest, a ditty called “Pretending”, showcases some acoustic-pop style with a bluesy inclination that fits Ms Kim’s voice seamlessly. All I can say is, the girl needs more official, recorded material out there because these Youtube videos aren’t doing her justice.

Wakin’ up in my bed
Tryin to see what I gotta do
For the day or till I die

I gotta do some navigating
See if you you are waiting
Wondering why I always seem to be
Pretending that you’re mine

Thinkin’ what should I say?
Or even, What should I wear?
‘Cause all I have in my heard, is you
Why is it so hard to choose?
Or am I being like a child?
‘Cause all I want to do is,
Be with you

So it’s getting closer
Till the day is over
Now I’m wondering
Who is gonna say “bye” first?
‘Cause I sure won’t

So I can hold you tight,
For another minute right?
‘Cause I just can’t wait till the day
We don’t have to say the “Good-Byes”

And it all comes back to me…

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