Erin Kim Wins Kollaboration Seattle 2010

And you can mark another one for the books. The Kollaboration series has ended for 2010, marking it’s expansion to 10 cities, ending this year’s run in the beautiful North West city of Seattle. It was also the last show in which PK served as director and head of Kollaboration, passing the torch and moving on to concentrate on other endeavors. So how did the show go? Unfortunately we weren’t able to be there but it’s been reported that Erin Kim, the female vocal from the show trailer, has taken the top spot & grand prize. I saw her perform at the preview show a few weeks back and the girl certainly has some spunk and talent. She’s another recent Kollaboration winner who comes from the younger end of the spectrum but it goes to show that age is nothing but a number.

Congratulations Erin!

6 thoughts on “Erin Kim Wins Kollaboration Seattle 2010

  1. congrats Erin Kim on your win ,too bad i missed this kollaboration but i was on the east coast with my friend David Choi , and for kollaboration ,PK you will be missed very much i enjoyed the many years that you put into the kollab effort,even from the old days when it was small in LA and mostly koreans , kollaboration went along way from then tanks to you PK and roy choi…..peace

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