Listen to Gabe Bondoc’s “Anywhere Anything”

Soft spoken Gabe Bondoc has uploaded a new performance video of his original tune, “Anywhere Anything”. Matching his on-camera demeanor, it’s a gentle, unassuming song that’s easy on the ears. Hands down, this guy knows how to use that 6-string to match his vocal style spot-on. Don’t miss the lyrics after the break!

“Anywhere Anything”

I see her smile through the curtains, waiting.
I’m sitting here in my car.
It’s been so long since I’ve felt this strongly about anything…
About anyone…
I watch her locking the door.
So daintily, she turns and waves from afar.
She makes her way down the driveway.
Smiling, I lean over, open her door.

I sit and wait ’til her seatbelt’s on.
I hit the gas and we’re gone.
I tell her, “I’ve no idea where we’re going.”
She laughs. That’s all…

I’ll go anywhere. I’ll do anything.
‘Long as it’s with you, long as I’m with you.
Know it could be the smallest thing.
If you give me a ring.
I’ll always answer your call.

Make it a point, I’ll always be prepared.
Where ever you are, love, I’ll be there.
‘Cause I’ll go anywhere and I’ll do anything with you.

She knows park and it’s not too far…
Parking is free in the lot.
She says she’d play here when she was younger.
I’m glad she shares all her thoughts.
‘Cuz I’m not as social as most, but she helps me.
Asking me all ’bout my past.
I tell her, “I’ve never spoken so freely.”
“You made me better at that.”

We watch the sun as it sets, it’s freezing.
I offer my coat, she doesn’t want it, though.
Hop in the car and she cranks my heater…
She laughs. That’s all.


It’s getting late as I walk her to her door.
She bites her lip, touches my face, smiles as she closes the door.
We’ve never kissed, believe me, there’s no rush…
I’d have waited forever for that one touch.

And I’d go anywhere and I’d do anything with you.


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