JRA Debuts “This There That”

JRA has got a new performance clip out for a song called “This There That” where he takes his music to a slightly more… mature place. While much of the love songs were a good match for Valentine’s Day, this track is a little more appropriate for Valentine’s Night… if you catch my drift. This will be our last post for the 14th of February 2012, so in closing – Happy Valentine’s Day folks!

This is just the beginning
We’re only scratching the surface baby
There’s no need to be timid
Just let it takeover suga

Girl, this passion… desire
is growing
and I just can’t fake it anymore

Now do you feel it
inside ya?
Hear me out
I’m about to tell ya more

I’mma do ya like this
If ya meet me right there
I can do it like that

I’mma touch ya like this
I’mma kiss ya right there
If you do me like that

We’ll have our bodies intertwined
Been thinking bout this moment oh so long
Now I want this to last forever… since we’re together.

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