The Return of Daphne Loves Derby? – “Mare Infinitas”

Whoa there. The release of this Youtube clip raises more questions than it answers, but Kenny Wolftron has a new song up on this channel under the Daphne Loves Derby banner. Does this mean what I hope it does? The band is coming out of hiatus? Keep in mind, Kenny Wolftron has been historically meticulous in labeling his music, either as Kenny Choi, or Wolftron or even… Daphne Loves Derby. Either way, take a listen at “Mare Infinitas” – the first glimpse of some newer material from the band in a long time.

Somewhere out at sea
your spirit sings to me
Tells me you are growing weak
drifting through infinity
Love this world is cold
for those who sail alone
So for a night could we set sail
for home?

Give me time to help you lose your mind
We can leave this life, and its walls behind
Love I need to be the air you breathe
But at times it seems I don’t know you anymore
Who are you?

We you dream of me
when sleep don’t come easy?
Could I be the one that keeps you up in bed
in reverie?

Will we ever be
drifting though the same sea?
Only you and me
for all infinity

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