Lily Bee Releases Last Demo From ‘Age of Exploration’ – “Map of the World”

As the preparations for Lily Bee‘s next album, Age of Exploration, continue to progress, the Jazzy Folk/Pop singer has released the third and final of promised demos from the album. The last installment is a ditty called “Map of the World”, extending the travel that will tie together the rest of the album. Take a listen, save it (it’s a free download), and hopefully it’ll tide you over until the album drops.

I can’t help but to feel like I’m inside looking out
And it’s losing its appeal
Gotta change things and re-route

Take off, dive in
Throw caution to the wind
Jump off the shelf
You might just find yourself

I’ve got a map of the world
Uncharted, I started to see
A dotted path unfurl
A road full of uncertainty
I don’t know where it goes
But I’m open to who knows

Ba da da da…

Doesn’t matter where you go
You know you’ll run into love
And you’ve got a smile to show
To all the people you’ll think of


Love, love, love, love…
You’ll find love, you’ll find love, love…


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