An Intense Night for Jessica Sanchez on Tonight’s Result Show of American Idol

That. Was. Close. I’m not sure what happened but in an emotional roller coaster of an evening, the Top 7 results show played out tonight on American Idol with a wild outcome. First, Jessica Sanchez found inexplicably found herself in the bottom 3. Then, it was determined that she was actually the one who got the least amount of votes this week – and outrage among the studio audience and the judges alike erupted. Lastly, as she was given the opportunity to try and sing for a coveted one-per-season judge’s save, she was quickly interrupted by the judges themselves, dismissing the entire ordeal and saying that there is no way they could let her go.

So there you have it, Jessica Sanchez still remains in the competition – but just barely. There are no second chances anymore – America… What The Deuce?


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