The Mash-Up/Medley Youtube Covers – 4/13/12

Happy Friday the 13th! Today’s name of the game is medleys and mash-ups, where all the artists took two or more (sometimes many more) and blended them together to present a completely different creation all together. We have entries by Meesh, AJeezy, Tousher, the JRA, and Mr. Manongdo covering everything from Disney to Drake. Enjoy your end to the work week with these tunes!

Michelle Martinez Sings a Medley of Drake Songs

AJ Rafael x Toddrick Hall Perform a Medley of Disney Songs

Tousher Mashes Up Katy Perry & Linkin Park

AJ Rafael x Colleen Mash Up Adele & Britney

JRA Sings a Medley of Drake Songs

Passion Presents the Twitbook Medley 4

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