Misfit & Clasicc Drop the ‘Swishers & Surp’ Mixtape

Keeping things local to the city of angels, Misfit has teamed up with Clasicc for a free mixtape called Swishers & Surp. Clasicc handled the vast majority of the production and even featured on a track or two. with Misfit headlining as the MC of this rapper/producer pair. You get a dozen songs to add to your Hip-Hop playlist. Sound like something you’d be into? Then DL it for free, here.

1. Swishers & Surp Intro
2. Purple Monster feat. Tune Dont Play
3. After F
4. In The Zone feat. cLAsicc
5. Rated R
6. My Truth
7. Vicious
8. Eastside Wuddup feat. Saviii 3rd
9. Toe Up
10. Lucky feat. Jayne Rio and Nicholas Nery
11. Highest Tree feat. Furis and cLAsicc
12. Taken Out the Drank, Taken Out the Dro feat. Tune Dont Play

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