Misfit x Clasicc (Re)Release the ‘Swishers & Surp’ Mixtape

If this release seems familiar, don’t worry, you’re not trippin’. Back in April, California’s Misfit & Clasicc did infact release this mixtape – Swishers & Surp. It was up every so briefly, but it seems to have been slightly retooled and is now officially available via DatPiff. Thankfully, it’s still a free download. So you can’t blame cost as a prohibitive measure preventing you from checking out this project from the two artists.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

1.Swishers & Surp
2.Purple Monster feat. Tune Dont Play
3.AFter F
4.In The Zone feat. cLAsicc
6.Eastside Wuddup feat. Saviii 3rd
7.Lucky No. 7 feat. Jayne Rios and Nicholas Nery
8.My Truth
9.F cked Up
10.Highest Tree feat. cLAsicc and Furis
11.Taken Out the Drank feat. Tune Dont Play and HardRock

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