Andrew Huang Releases a ‘Retrospective’ Album

Partially as a means of closure Andrew Huang has released the Retrospective album today. It’s a collection of music from the past decade comprised of a mixture of unheard material and remastered archives. Last year, Andrew Huang decided to consolidate all of his musical aliases under his true name; this is the result of the tying up of loose ends. It’s one gigantic package of nearly 60 tracks that spread a wide gamut of sounds and genres – just as one would expect form Huang.

Purchase: Bandcamp, iTunes

Comprising 59 songs and sketches from a decade-long period of production and experimentation, Retrospective is approximately half never-before-heard material, as well as being the final re-release nod to my former work under other aliases.

Prolific to a fault and blurring genre boundaries as usual, the previously unreleased pieces are culled from nine albums-in-progress which I’ve scrapped for lack of time. (See this blog )

I hope you’ll fall in love with the songs that are actually songs, and enjoy peaking into the bizarre parts of my brain that are represented in the other material on here.

Andrew Huang

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