Andrew Huang Releases “The Hounds” MV

Here’s another cut from Andrew Huang‘s Retrospective mega-album that dropped recently. “The Hounds” is more of a conventional Hip-Hop track from the genre defying artist (it’s just one long rap verse). The video was shot in Hong Kong and features a lot of footage of the city’s landscape at night. Rap heads will probably appreciate this one over some of his more… shall we say, experimental work.

Let’s touch:

Directed by Michal Garcia.
Filmed in Hong Kong by Michal Garcia and Andrew Huang. Edited by Andrew Huang.


forget sounds/ i’m releasing the hounds/
it’s the quicker way to get you to bounce/
so make like a ball/ ballers bawl/
i’m all surprise attacks like squalls/
rhymes that i scrawl like it matters the most/
get flattered and boast?
no time if i’m the most baddest and dope/
emcee teeth chatter and throat dry/
shattered your hope/
couldn’t climb charts with some ladder and rope/
no luck finding the jams that sizzle/
i find them so stuck in the grease lining the pans a little/
those ruts be damned/ kids need to grow up/
go nuts for club crawls and all else is so what/
when i show up my flow pulls like a tow truck/
leave them bedazzled and hit them like they don’t know what/
’til in the advil they might dabble a lil’/
it’s word power like i’ve got towers of babble to fill/
not with my battling skills/ but if it’s scrabble, i kill/
put that on the bill/
my triple letter score’s a little better for the third set/
the words get stronger as i link and riddle metaphors/
set a course for constellations/
’cause dirty air just doesn’t do it for me anymore/
i’m impatient/ low motivation/
soul abrasion with no explanation/
so i spat a poem from the fattest tome/
that’s never had a home/
’cause i’ve been working on it that alone/
my data roams the catacombs/
avoiding all the phonies and the imitations bringing baloney in/
i leave them hanging like gardens of babylonian persuasions/
know your limitations/
erroneously makeshift sonority splash rocks/
competing for the boniest cash box/
i’m that hot/ ha/

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