Shin-B Releases the ‘3: Reloaded’ Album

6 months ago, Shin-B gave us the long awaited 3 Choices album. Recently we realized that the record was no longer available for purchase and were wondering why, but now we have our answer. It’s been retooled and re-titled as 3: Reloaded, and features a mixture of newer tracks along with some of the standout songs from 3 Choices. You can buy and stream from all the usual retail suspects!

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

1. Rodeo Drive (Prod. By Kletus Kasady)
2. He Knows (Prod. By Avery Brooks)
3. Get Up and Go (Prod. By Twitch)
4. Crazy (Prod. By Ian Brown)
5. Trying to Find Me (Prod. By Silver) (feat. Adriana)
6. Buzzkillin (Prod. By Thx)
7. It’s Over (Prod. By Thx)
8. Bulletproof (Prod. By Freddy Ruxpin) (feat. Adriana)
9. H.U.H. (Hands Up High) (Prod. By Thx)
10. Forget About You (Prod. By Freddy Ruxpin) (feat. Adriana)

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