Shin-B’s ‘3 Choices’ Album Now Available Online

Remember when we said Shin-B‘s debut album, 3 Choices, would be released on October 31st? Well forgive us for not doing our due diligence because that appears to be the worldwide release date, with it becoming available to a wide assortment of retailers at that time. But guess what? If you’re looking to get your fix in early here in the States, you can! Though her team has been relatively quiet about the fact, the album is already available on iTunes & AmazonMP3. So get a jump on the 9 track release now!

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

1. Get Up And Go
2. Kickdoors
3. Tunnel Vision
4. Baby (feat. Sebastian)
5. Ziplocked
6. Buzzkillin
7. It’s Over
8. Bulletproof (feat. Adriana)
9. Forget About You (feat. Adriana)

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