Mike-Dash-E Debuts the Video for “Why They Never Say My Name”

You could say Mike-Dash-E‘s latest is project is bigger than music, and I wouldn’t argue with you. Rather than pointing all the focus at himself, MDE chose to take his talents and use it to spotlight some of the conditions of the poorest areas in the world. His music video is shot in the Smokey Mountain of the Philippines, giving us a personal glimpse of a third world. When the single officially drops, proceeds will go towards the Malaya Kids Ministries.

Shot straight from the 3rd World MDE takes to one of the poorest places in the world, Smoky Mountain Philippines. Here he gives you a vivid picture of the struggles that children and families face trying to survive in a land with little opportunity. The video is dedicated to the children at Malaya Kids Ministries please donate to them, proceeds from this song which is avail on i-Tunes soon will go to the foundation, Malaya Kids.

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