Jennifer Chung Presents the ‘That’s Why’ Mixtape

We’re excited about new music today. Why? Because Jennifer Chung has finally dropped her mixtape, That’s Why. (See what we did there) It’s actually more of an EP than anything, weighing in at 4 new original joints plus two bonus covers. As we previously mentioned, both Maribelle Anes & Toestah have a feature on one of the tracks, and this release also includes her double single, “Your Year” and “Happiness”. Download the mixtape for free, here.

1) Your Year
2) Happiness
3) Forever & Always ft. Maribelle Anes + Toestah
4) (That’s Why) Los Angeles
Bonus Tracks:
5) Work Out – Girl’s Perspective (J.Cole Remix)
6) Marvins Room ft. Daniel de Bourg (Drake + JoJo Remix)

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