Maribelle Anes Presents “Behind the Scenes”

Young aussie singer, Maribelle Anes, has put together another new original called “Behind the Scenes”. The song is an enjoyable mid-tempo Pop/R&B song though it has some moments of striking similarity to Jordin Spark’s “One Step at Time”. Whether intentional or not, it’s a decent track though now we’re left wondering when will she officially put up her songs for sale/download?

Written, produced, mixed and performed by Maribelle Añes
Co-written by Jae Besorio

Verse 1:
This last time
i’ve had my fair share of playing games
no shame, screwin’ and f***in’ with
your mind
I never wanted to commit
boy listen to this
never knew what’s right in front of me

it’s an act, always was good on stages
there’s a lot you don’t know
I think you gotta
skip a few, read my lines, turn the pages
it’s the end the show
coz baby

You are what I need
I’m so sick of playin’ round (playin’ round)
mind to take the lead
coz boy you hold me down (hold me down)
just playin’ up my part
it ain’t what you see
it’s tearing’ up my heart
what you think of me
i’m-real as I could be
behind the scenes

Verse 2:
All our friends been sayin’
it’s time to leave it
coz your my type
and your a good guy
you’re perfect for me
they’re talking bout us
and what we could be
if you could just
understand me
I could swear that I’ll stay by your side

You think you got me all figured out
my cold hard skin, isn’t so tough now
you melt me, you got me on
my knees begging for a life with me
I’m more than what you think of me
I’m rollin’ up the curtains so you see me

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