mree Releases the MV for “Of the Trees”

Two weeks ago, mree gave us a little preview of the MV for her song “Of the Trees”. The single off the Grow album was one of my favorites of the project, so I’m glad to see it be given a visual promotional push. The young singer matches the ethereal tone of the song. The girl is impressively self reliant, filming and editing the majority of the footage on her own. Lyrics can be found after the break.

Music & Lyrics by Marie Hsiao (mree)
I haven’t said
The lines that read
You haven’t read the lines upon my face

For you I’ve traced
The lonely space
For you, my feet have lost their place

Lost their place (x3)

So don’t fall on me
So don’t fall on me
So don’t fall
On me

I haven’t tried
To break the ties
For all I’ve done is lie and lie

To you the leaves
That fell from trees
To you their life has come to leave

Come to leave (x3)

So don’t fall on me

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