Sam Ock Reveals His “Pride”

Sam Ock decided to take to music to air out his convictions, from one artist to any other that will listen. A big struggle for many musicians is the reconciliation of faith, art, and culture. So one third of the AMP crew put his thoughts down on the very topic and set it to music. This one’s a freebie, that you can DL here.

yo i’ll be honest and i’ll be the first to say
that many rappers young and old ain’t really doing what they say
and i don’t understand why everybody loves that 808 bass
maybe ’cause it helps you put a mask on your face
so you the best, just like the rest
and you got that s-s-swag all the way up to your chest
i got to ask when you say that, who you tryin’ to impress?
let me inquire your dome, so listen up and take a rest:

what if you used your skill and talent to give life?
what if you sacrificed yourself and tried to end strife?
what if you used your rhymes to quell many tears cried?
what if your words carried light to open dimmed eyes?
what if you thought of music as a service to the world?
what if you thought of every hater as a precious pearl,
who needs love everyday, just like you do?
what if artists sacrificed their fame for higher truth?

i confess, i’m not a man, just a little boy
a product of my culture, i see values destroyed
i’m not okay with that, i want to make change
i want to use my music to serve, is that strange?
call me crazy but i weep for every artist
who sees the allure of fame and i see their heart get hardened
becoming conceited and benefiting nobody
fueled by insecurity and chasing after cold money

i hope that i’m not speaking out of pride, but of love
as a messenger of Jesus, savior above
if i make music my life, then it’ll fail me
so my mission is to tell the world what i see
if you’re an artist, i implore you to think it through:
are you compromising who you are for what you do?
i hope i’ve spoken to your heart a little bit of truth
…but you’ll do anything to save your pride, won’t you?

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