Nessa Rica Reveals “My Angel”

Not too many lullabies have crossed the pages of this humble site, so it’s a bit of a distinctive honor to share with you “My Angel” by Nessa Rica. The song was written for two recent newborns, as Nessa sings encouragements and blessings over them in what would likely be a peaceful slumber. Undeniably short and sweet.

hello friends! 🙂 i know it’s been a while since i’ve posted an original but i promise you, i’ll post more. this one is short and sweet but is very special! it’s a lullaby i wrote especially for two lovely precious angels who were just brought into the world: Makenzie Reese Bautista and Carissa Rae Tanabe 🙂

Seed nurturing
Blossoming in the spring
Patiently Waiting
For you to arrive
So while you grow
To something so beautifully
Praying til i see
You in these arms
My angel

Sown with intent
A date to expect
You were sent
Here from above
Made into be
The image of Thee
My baby
You are
Our gift from love
Our angel
My angel

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