Adam WarRock Releases ‘The Kid’ EP

Adam WarRock’s rap topic du jour is based on the video game Bastion – a title he fell in love with when it was released last year. This collection of songs is called The Kid and has 7 tracks, all set to beats that sample from the soundtrack. Ya gotta love it when an artist can draw inspiration from any medium.  Download the album for free, here.

Bastion. Maybe one of the greatest games I’ve ever played. I’ve loved it ever since it dropped on XBLA in 2011, and I’ve been obsessed with its soundtrack for a while. Home from tour, I finally got around to making a little EP for you about the game, made on the beats from the phenomenal soundtrack.

Thank you to Darren Korb (for the beats), Jen Zee (for the art) and all the people at Supergiant Games for making an incredible game.


  1. Songs (intro)
  2. A Hammer
  3. Caelondia
  4. The Kid’s Got Skills
  5. The Stranger
  6. The Hanging Gardens
  7. Evacuation

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