Watch Andrew Huang “Destroy the World”

When watching the below video, don’t worry – you don’t need to adjust your monitor. It’s just another creative indulgence serving as a visual for Andrew Huang‘s “Destroy the World”. The song is off his Schism project from last November. This isn’t the first time I’ve said an A. Huang video is trippy, and I’m certain this won’t be the last.

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

he was a lonely ghost
uttering a truth that nobody would ever hear
behind closed doors authorities thread a near impenetrable fortress
and work it
can’t get a clear picture except on the closed circuit
let’s see what a country does gunless
block the bright market from the land that’s sunkissed
crosshairs and targets intersect for fun with the drum hits
sceptics connected to run this

any way to move new bills
i’d do it myself but the groove’s too ill
there’s a lot more to choose between than two pills
but a ghost gets convicted with just a few stills
these photographs mask the game
when a hurricane’s no match for some acid rain
the noise unfurls
so listen, boys and girls
keep it up and we’re going to destroy the world

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

i’ve got ink blot tests and stocked druids
a couple of drops of this hot fluid and you’re ready to rock to it again
soup it up to ten, my friend
’cause one thing you never do enough is spend
blissed, my lens crisp
i’m calling the spendthrifts
to take it to the curb before it becomes endless
dollar bins, y’all
kings wear salted grins
following a messiah who never let the hollow win

i don’t care to see pharisees sparing three spices
to merit clean consciences with tight fists
apparently your life is but a dream
merrily and unaware the pieces float downstream
not always gentle, resentful
material what in a material what? i call it mental
you’re so close to just turning away
i guess it’s all in what you learn in a day: destroy the world

destroy the world

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