Chan x Kato Release “Daddy Didn’t Raise”

Snacky Chan of Dynasty Muzik has released a song appropriate for the occasion – “Daddy Didn’t Raise”. The song has been a long time coming, with Chan and producer Kato linking up back in the Myspace days. Fast forward to now, we have a new track from the two – and it was worth the wait. I wouldn’t complain if a they put together an exclusive rapper/producer album either.

It’s been a good 6 or 7 years since I first met Kato.  This was back when Myspace was the thing and we were all busy decorating our pages.  So after re-uniting with Kato through Twitter last year, I decided to ask him for beats.  He sent me a good 20 or so joints and I couldn’t tell which one I wanted cuz I wanted them all.

Out of those 20, this was the beat I chose and I chose it because the chorus just came to me.  Not only that but the beat just makes you wanna conquer the world.  So on father’s day, as some of us reminisce, I hope this song reminds you how strong and confident you should be.  Because, your daddy didn’t raise no sucka.


Daddy didn’t raise, he didn’t raise no sucka
Sucka, Sucka, Sucka..

That’s why that’s right I’m a bad muthafugga
Fucka, Fucka, Fucka..

First Verse:

Daddy didn’t leave me when he had me as a baby
taught me how to hustle seen him grindin on the daily
getting monetary, that’s hereditary
love him to the death until he hit the cemetary
Bounce get em jumpin man im punchin inconsiderate
haters talkin shit up in the crowd i see ya silhouette
light it up this ain’t no cigarrette
put a bodybag on the beat K (Kato) I’m killin it
Im married to the game so you lames cant have her
talkin all big like ya mouth Mick Jagger
Blood up in my veins, brand names don’t matter
Shit it ain’t the Louis daddy gave me this swagger


Second Verse:

Started out with nuthin not a dime now im stuntin
like my daddy in the benz Snacky Chan steady bumpin
What u wantin? You frontin
Like you did when i was strugglin
in the under (underground) buyin beats tryin to turn em into somethin
Make em bounce in the club. I love my daddy.
Live for the fam and I’d die for em gladly
If shit gon down who you think gon grab me?
My daddy shout em out i miss em so badly
Nah ain’t a sucka I’m a bad muhfugga
Move the crowd make em bounce like they do it down at Rucker.
Mama yes I love her, can’t forget my older brother
Gettin money like my daddy make it rain like last summer.


Yeah you know, they say that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree,
and if ya daddy was a fool, most likely you are too..HAHA


Bounce in the club if you love your Daddy, Bounce in the club if you love your Daddy
If shit goin down, who you think gon grab me? My daddy, shout em out I miss him so badly.


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