Passport: Kato Produces for Money Maker$ on “8s”

Kato‘s connection with Chan continues to pay off as the Atlanta producer has yet a new Korean Hip-Hop joint under his belt. “8s” is a collaborative song by Chan’s label protoges, Money Maker$. They are joined by Ugly Duck, Okasian, and MSG. KHipHop heads should be particularly interested in checking this track out as it’s accompanied by a music video as well. You can expect it on MM’s upcoming 24/7 EP.

Label: Dynasty Muzik KR
Executive Producer: Roy J. Kim
Produced & Arranged by Kato
Written by 손영래, 이주호, 김지용, 선주경, 박희성
Mixed by Kato
Mastered by 황홍철 at Sonic Korea
Music Video by Deepflow aka 639
Release Date: April 10th, 2013

Go by the name O, to the Kasian
Lazy eyes, 하지만 난 깨있어
Lazy eyes, but I’m wide awake
나는 베이컨, 너는 개껌
I’m bacon, you’re a dog’s bone
씹어버려 내걸음 언제나 앞에 있어
Chew you up my pace is always one step ahead
Dollars, wons, and pesos
시간은 돈, 여자는 시간, 난 시간 꽤 있어
Time is money, girls are time, I got a lot of time
내 티켓 다 직행, I’m tired of waiting
All my tickets are one way, I’m tired of waiting
I been patient, 먼저 갈데있어 I’m gone
I been patient, I gotta go somewhere first so I’m gone..

꿈은 나의 위, 돈은 나의 빛
My dreams are on top of me, money is my light
난 싸인을 했지 스내키챈이 나의 뒤
I signed thats why Snacky Chan’s behind me
내 랩은 갓 수능을 마친 쫄깃한 여고딩
My rap is fresh like a girl that just took her SATs
난 다 맞출 수 있어, 못 맞추는건
I can solve anything, the only thing I can’t solve is..
바로 너의 비위, 난 알아 너의 비밀
your taste, I know your secret
니가 뱉어대고 연습하는건 내가 했지 이미
All your rapping and practice I’ve done it already
내가 랩을 하는거 만큼 보다 작어 내 집이
My rap skills are bigger than my own home
내 가능성은 한국 힙합의 일급비밀 what?
My potential is top secret in Korean hip hop what?

멋대로 쓰더라도 백점
Whatever I write gets a 100%
비트를 다 먹어대서 늘어나는 살점
I ate so many beats I gained weight
목소리는 견고하지 Ronnie Coleman
My voice is hard like Ronnie Coleman
내 두눈에는 신사임당 밖에 Erick Sermon
All I can see is dollar bills thats why my eyes are green like Eric Sermon
I do it Big Sean 떠오르지 풍선
I do it Big Sean. I’m a rising balloon
손가락이 저절로 다 thumbs up
Fingers automatically give me a thumbs up
전화기를 들고 내게 부탁해봐 접선
Hold the phone and ask me for a meeting
병신들은 걸러내지 하지 않아 적선
I filter out the fakers. I don’t do charity

[MSG aka 미친새끼 긴팔]
I’m so bad mad baby maybe 미친새끼, 한니발렉터
I’m so bad mad baby maybe a crazy bastard like Hannibal Lecter
전공은 심리학 아님 해부학
I majored in Psychology and Anatomy.
머리가 삐뚤 어진 이윤 내 뇌 안 회로에 걸린 과부하
The reason why my brain is twisted is because my circuits are blown
앞 뒤가 다른 래퍼들이 너무나 많은 현실 마치 이건 동전 한 닢
Rappers have different sides like coins
ㅂㅅ이 ㅂㅅ인걸 모르니까 ㅂㅅ 그냥 영원히 쉬어
Retards don’t realize they’re retarded, they should just sleep forever
시작된 thriller 죽어 달 위를 걷지
I set off the thriller movie. Die. I’m moonwalking

[Ugly Duck]
Ugly, 출처는 거리
Ugly, I’m from the street
빛고을, 염주 거기서 여기
Gwangju the bright city, Yumju, here from there
내게 주먹 쥐었던 놈들도 펼치게 만들어 엄지
I turn angry fists into a thumbs up sign
서서히 커지는 덩치 they call me 역시
My body shape is slowly growing they call me ‘I knew it’
여전히 바쁜 몸 여기 저기 행차
Busy so I’m always on the move
넌 아무도 반기지 않는데 여기 왜 와
Nobody invited you so why are you here?
대기타 니 차례까진 한참 멀어
Wait. It’s a long time before you get your turn
제발 말 안해줘도 알아서 알아먹어
Please understand it yourself without us having to tell you.

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