Showdown: J. Reyez vs Derez vs Thai vs D-Pryde

I can’t believe we haven’t had a Showdown since April. In case you’ve forgotten,  Showdown is where we have a little friendly comparison of artists that cover/remix the same songs and then vote for the one we think pulled it off better.

That’s an oversight I’m going to have to correct, and this is how.  The last couple editions were easy on the ears and eyes, so I thought it’d be only fair that we grime it up a bit. This is an all Hip-Hop competition, with four artists spitting over the popular track “Mercy”, by Kanye West and company. Best of all? We got some regional variety with a pair of Candians (J. Reyez & D-Pryde), a West Coast OG (Thai), and Southwest representative Derez, all vying for your kudos.

J. Reyez

Derez (formerly City Boy) x Desmond H



So tell me friends, whatchu think? Were you most impressed by J. Reyez’s no-nonsense remix? How about the duo of Derez and Desmond? Were you swayed by Thai’s veteran flow? Or perhaps Prizzy’s trademark playful style got your attention? Well put your official decision in, because the winner gets inducted into a non-existent hall of fame, complete with imaginary prizes and trophies. It’s important! Vote!

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